For internal soundproof


E-3000 is for sealing of filling for outside wall crack and inside wall gap and inside sound proof of the building and water acrylic 1 liquid sealant possible to paint with quick hardness and superior durability.


Distinct Features of the Product

· 1 liquid type and superior in workability
· Water solubility and non-toxic
· Superior in compatibility with water paint (Possible to paint)

Usage of the Product

· Joint sealing of gypsum board partition inside the building
· Every kinds of durable joint (Wall, ceiling, corridor and windows and doors) and crack repair

※ Limit to the use on the part needs lots of movement.

Property of the Product

Classification Contents
Main ingredient Water acrylic resin
Type Moisture dry hardening
Surface hardening time Within 2 hours (23℃ 50% RH)
Complete hardening time 7 ~ 14 days
Movement allowable limit ±12.5 %
Classification Contents
Tensile strength 0.8 ~ 1.2 N/㎟ (ASTM D 412)
Elongation 100 ~ 200% (ASTM D 412)
Hardening type 30 ~ 40
Specific gravity 1.57 ± 0.1
Packing unit 270 ml cartridge